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How hampr Works
How does hampr work?
How does hampr work?
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hampr Loaded is our yearly membership plan available for just $39. Rest assured, we've crunched the numbers, and it breaks down to a mere $2.39 per month, paid annually with endless perks!

  • Flat Rate Pricing per load

    • No weighing or guesswork: 1 load = 1 bag

  • Same Day Service (select markets)

    • Get your laundry back the same day for a small fee

  • Cancel Anytime

    • Our Support Squad is ready to assist you

If you are interested in using our service without any long-term commitment or membership fee, hampr Lite is our commitment-free option. Same great service but without access to special load pricing or Same Day Service, which are benefits exclusive to Loaded members.

Either way, you'll load up your laundry, place your order, and one of our wonderful washrs will pick up, washr, dry, fold (or hang, if you provide hangers!), and delivery your laundry within 24 hours or less. Dropps detergent is included in your order โ€” you're also welcome to provide your own detergent!

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