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How much does hampr cost?
How much does hampr cost?
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At hampr, we believe that you should have a plan that best suits your laundry needs.

If you choose to go hampr Loaded, you’ll sign up for an annual membership at $39 per year. Your first year of membership comes with four of our amazing, antimicrobial hamprs. These hamprs are coated with a special lining to ensure your laundry stays fresh! One hampr = one load. For wash and fold service, the price depends on your market. Use the address bar on the home page to see your market price per load.

If you'd rather stay commitment-free, go hampr Lite! We recommend this choice for anyone who is in a temporary laundry emergency situation, anyone who may travel between hampr markets, or for users who will only need laundry done sporadically. This option allows you to use 13-gal. kitchen bags to place your order. One kitchen bag = one load. The cost per load is dependent on your market.

No matter the plan you choose, laundry pickup and delivery, wash/dry/fold (or hang service, if you provide hangers!), and Dropps scent-free, dye-free, allergen-friendly detergent are ALWAYS included in the total.

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