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Can I choose my washr?
Can I choose my washr?
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When you place a hampr order, it's sent to every washr in your area within their preferred order radius. You'll receive a notification of who has claimed your order, and a reminder to set out your hamprs.

While you can't choose the washr that claims your order, you can designate a previous washr you've had as your Favorite! (We will also let you block your not-so-favorites.)

This can be done three different ways in the app โ€“ on the order feedback & tip screen, on the washr profile page, and on the new My Favorite washrs section in your Profile.

Your Favorite washrs will see your orders first. If a favorited washr does not claim your order within 10 minutes, the order is sent to washrs in your area that are not on your BLOCKED list. A heart icon next to your orders indicates to a washr they are your favorite.

For BLOCKED, BLOCKED washrs will not get notifications for your orders, nor will they see your orders in their available orders.

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