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How hampr Works
How much clothing fits in a hampr?
How much clothing fits in a hampr?

Size of hampr 20.5”x13.5”x13.5”

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1 hampr (or a 13 gal. kitchen bag) = 15lbs of laundry. We recommend leaving some space at the top — overstuffing can prevent your clothes from being cleaned well.

If it’s too much for your personal washer and dryer, it will be too much for our washrs’ equipment. Ex. Bedding comforters would not qualify.

Our bag measurements/size are 20.5”x13.5”x13.5”.

*Please note: If the washr arrives and your bag is overstuffed, they reserve the right to reject your order, and you will incur a $4.99 cancellation fee.

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